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The Extra tab

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The Extra tab appears as part of a Supplier Detail's Page. You use the Extra tab to assign 'custom categories' and 'custom fields' to the supplier's record. You also use the tab to edit and delete categories and fields from a record. They are a useful way of storing information that is not collected in predefined fields elsewhere.

Custom categories and custom fields are set up via the Maintenance menu by the system administrator. Each Extra tab will contains all the available categories and fields for the Extra tab in the Supplier's Page.

The following fields may be displayed for completion depending upon how the custom categories have been set up:


What it is....


This icon clipboard_e47b5701430bb8675f41227a9ebe826ab.png in the column tells you that it is a mandatory field and that you must enter a value. The name will also be displayed in red. The default sort order is to display mandatory fields first in the list.


This column tells you whether the information on the line is a custom field or category.

 This icon clipboard_e736ba0b8013840b5eba860347673c004.png indicates a custom field.

 This icon clipboard_e20d36eac6eda4e62d718b001aba9ef6c.png indicates a custom category.


This column displays the name of the custom category or custom field.


This column will contain drop down list for selection or a blank field where you type the information.

Data Type

This shows you the type of data to be entered as a value for the selected field or category.

  • Text (denotes that a text value is required)
  • Date (a calendar is displayed when you click in a date value field for easy date selection)
  • Number (denotes that a numerical value is required)
  • Flag (these fields have a check box which appears selected if the field is applicable to the record).

You can both group and sort the information in the page. To group by a column heading, drag the column heading to the grey area above the list. To sort, click a column heading to sort the list by that column in either ascending or descending order.


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