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The Addresses tab

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The Addresses tab is used to store the various addresses and phone numbers associated with a supplier. The primary address and contact numbers added here flow through to the Main tab. Other non–primary addresses added to the supplier record are viewed and maintained through here. This is where you enter the:

  • various addresses required for the supplier, such as home, business, postal
  • various phone numbers required for the supplier, for example home, business, mobile
  • fax number
  • email address
  • any website addresses linked to the supplier
  • other details such as website addresses and home phone number

The details in the Phone and other details area are entered directly in this tab.

The addresses that have been created for a supplier are listed in the Address Types field. For example, you may have a home address and a billing address defined for a supplier. When you click a type in the Address Types field the address details are displayed below. The types that can be added are dependant on the types created in the system by your system administrator.

The Unlink button deletes the link between the supplier and the address selected in the Address Types field. This does not remove the actual address from the system, just the link between that address and the supplier (to delete the actual address you need to be in the Address Maintenance page).

The Search button opens the Address Maintenance page from where you can search for an existing address and link it to the supplier, or add a new address.

If you want to copy an address so you can paste in into another application rather than having to type it in, just click the Copy button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/060_The+Addresses+tab/Copy_to_clipboard_button.gif on the Addresses tab, then go to the application you want to put it in and select the Paste option.

You can also store any extra contact details for the supplier here in the Other Details area. For example, you may want to record a website address or personal email. Clicking the Add button under this field will insert a new line in the Other Details area from which you can select a detail type and then enter the relevant number or value for it. Select a line and click Delete to remove any old data here. Any email and website addresses added for the supplier are live links, so you can click to open a blank email or access the selected web page.

Note: new address types and Other Details types must be created by the system administrator via Maintenance>System>Address/Phone>Address Type...and Phone/Email Types... before they can be accessed from within the Addresses tab. An address type can only be used once per supplier.



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