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Add Business Rule to Employer Note

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Adding a Business Rule to an Existing Disclosure Note

Click on the Business rule (B.R.) button clipboard_ef7735b4348a224512d1262063642dfa8.png  to open the Business Rule window:


Note: The ID number of the business rule is displayed as part of the title.

Click on the Click here to add rule button to add a rule. 


Click on the Select data item button to open the Find Data window:


Either double-click on the Data item or select the Data item you want and click on the OK button to return to the Business rules window:

Select the relevant operator and then enter the value to use in the rule:


Click on the OK button to apply that rule to the disclosure note.  An icon indicates that this disclosure note now has a business rule associated with it:


NB: You cannot add a business rule to a disclosure note where the Include check  box is ticked or there is a green tick on the Mutually Exclusive Notes (M.E.N.) button.

Adding a Date Field to a Business Rule

Where the Data Item selected is a date then you have the choice of using a Relative date or a Calendar date.  The control defaults to a Relative date:


To choose a Relative date click on the drop down field:


To instead choose a Calendar date un-tick the Relative date? check box:


Enter the date using the calendar control.


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