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Workflow Task List (Legacy)

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The Workflow tasks list allows you to see the current step in the workflow template and to whom it is assigned. You can display the Workflow Task control on the Home Page tab or another tab view.

Workflow Task List Options

In addition, the Workflow Task control allows you to filter the tasks displayed. This and more is discussed in detail below.


The Workflow Task control contains the following options on its' toolbar:


What it does

My Tasks

Display tasks assigned to you.

Team Tasks

Display tasks assigned to your colleagues.

All Task

Display an unfiltered list.

Hide Tasks assigned to Others

Only display yours or unassigned tasks.

Assign to me

Assign a task to yourself.

Assign to

Assign a tasks to a colleague


Display the Reports wizard to create a task report.


To add the Workflow Task List control see the topic: Customise Tax Home Page



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