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Use Batch Workflow (Legacy)

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Batch Update Workflow

  1. Select File > Maintenance > Central Workflow > Personal Tax > Batch update workflow.  The Workflow Batch Processing wizard appears.

  2. Click the + icon to reveal the steps associated with the selected workflow. For example, if your using the Tax Return Completion workflow, select Tax Return Review.

    Note: The steps associated with the workflow are determined by the template.

  3. Click Next. Choose the action to perform on the selected step appears. For Tax Return Review task, you would need to indicate whether or not the return was a pass or fail. Select the options that applies for your selected task.

  4. Click Next. A list of all clients that match the selected action appears.

  5. Click the Client code check box to select all clients, or individually select the clients you would like to update.

  6. Verify that the details are correct and then click Next.

  7. Confirm that the update was successful and then click Finish.


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