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Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC

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Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC

Include Class 1 NIC details in Class 4 NIC calculation

  1. Open the NIC adjustments window in the Tax Return Data menu,
  2. In the Summary section, select the Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC above PT and up to UEL box and enter the value.
  3. Select Save and Close.

The figures entered here are not shown anywhere on the Tax Return nor on the SA302 calculation, so your clients will not be able to view or confirm the figures you have entered. The information is used only in the calculation of Class 4 NIC. You can view this in the Full computation by navigating to Stage 16: Calculate Class 4 NIC.


Note: HMRC plan to surface the earnings liable to Class 1 NIC values applicable to taxpayers as part of their Making Tax Digital project. This information will then be pre-populated in CCH Personal Tax. However, this information is not yet available from HMRC, so you will need to enter the information manually.

Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC values

The 'Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC' boxes relate to the columns in the National Insurance Contributions sections on a form P60.

Where your client has a number of employments, the relevant figure from all employments must be summed up and the total figure entered in the box in the NIC adjustments window.

This information can be obtained from your clients' P60s or by contacting HMRC.


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