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Add Land and Property

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Land and Property

  1. Open the Land and Property section.

  2. Click the hyperlink 'Click here to create a new land and property'.

  1. The 'Create land and property details' wizard appears.

  2. Select one of the following Property types:

  • UK land and property - properties within the UK.
  • Agricultural estate - land used for farming or to raise livestock.
  • Rent-a-Room - rent received from letting furnished accommodation in a person's main home.
  • Furnished holiday lettings within the UK - property within the UK that meets the qualifying criteria for Furnished Holidays Lettings.
  • Furnished holiday lettings within the EEA - property within the European Economic Area (excluding UK properties) that meets the qualifying criteria for Furnished Holidays Lettings.
  1. Do one of the following:

  • Complete the remaining property fields.
  • Choose 'Click here to select an existing address'
  1. Click Next. The Create Property confirmation window appears.

  2. Verify the details and then click Finish. The Income/ Expenses, Chargeable Premiums and Details tabs appears with the Income/ Expenses tab selected by default.

Note: do not include income received from property that is included within a partnership; instead, enter this share in the Partnership section.



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