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Reducing Payments on Account and Statements of Account

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You can complete the form SA303 to reduce your client's payment on account.

About Reducing Payments on Account

Reduce Payment

  1. Select the client that you want to open the tax return for. The Client tab appears.
  2. Click the tax returns tab.
  3. Click the tax year to open the tax return. The Tax Return Summary tab appears.
  4. Click Tasks > SA303 under Tasks on the Ribbon Bar. The SA303 tab appears.
  5. This allows you to create a paper SA303 by clicking New.
  6. Alternatively, click on Tax Payments/Repayments in the tax return data entry section.  Click on the (see note) hyperlink and add a disclosure note.

  7.  Click on the Analysis hyperlink and add details of tax payments/repayments by using the drop down arrow under the Transaction column to specify the description.

  8. Click Save or Save and Close.

Note: The above steps do not apply to partnerships.

About Statements of Account


Create Statement 

  1. Select the client. The Client tab appears.
  2. Click the tax returns tab.
  3. Click the relevant tax year to open the Tax Return. The Tax Return Summary tab appears.
  4. Click Tasks > Statements of account under Tasks on the Ribbon Bar. The Statements of account tax appears.
  5. ​​Click the Create statement button and select the tax year that you want to create a statement for.
  6. The Payments box displays a summary of any tax due. Click the hyperlink to update the statement details in the grid.
  7. To add a payment, click the Payments tab.
  8. Complete the following:
  9. Date paid, Amount, Year and Reference.
  10. Enter any additional relevant information here.
  11. Click the Statement of Account tab. The Statement of Accounts grid displays the payment details added.
  12. Click Save and Close.
  13. A warning message appears if unallocated payments exist.

Note: the above steps do not apply to partnerships.


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