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What is it?

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CCH OneClick is a set of tools delivered through two connected cloud workspaces.

The online tools in CCH OneClick complement CCH Central, the on-premise software suite used by many leading practices. CCH OneClick is fully integrated with CCH Central, using core client data which it places in its own secure cloud database.


    The Advisor Workspace

    The tools in the Advisor Workspace connect you directly to your clients’ bookkeeping systems and to their Digital Tax Accounts with HMRC, enabling you to leverage their data for your compliance and advisory services.

    The Client Workspace

    The Client Workspace gives your clients instant, secure access to all the documents, files and compliance output that you want to share with them, together with secure messaging and document approval. 

    By fully integrating the two workspaces, CCH OneClick provides a perfect solution to GDPR because it prevents messages, documents and data being sent to the wrong client.

    Explore the individual components of CCH OneClick to find out how you can deliver better results with less effort for you and your clients.

    What is it?
    CCH OneClick is a set of tools delivered through two connected cloud workspaces for the advisor and their clients, enabling you to deliver better results with less effort.



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