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Synchronising data

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1. Within the Accounting, period click on Sync. With Open Integration


Please note: to demonstrate this process Xero Bookkeeping is used as an example throughout this guide

You can choose to synchronise transactions or the trial balance, however, the process is the same for both options.

2. Select either transactions or the trial balance as shown in the screenshot above

  • The first time the data is synchronised into CCH Accounts Production the mapping will default to none, this is because if you have created your own bespoke chart within Xero which uses the same codes as CCH Accounts Production, then no mapping is required.
  • If you want to select for example Xero Limited to FRS 102 or a bespoke client mapping, then this can be done by clicking on the down arrow next to the mapping name.


3. Click on Synchronise  


The following message is displayed:

3. Click on yes

The following message is displayed:



Note: please be aware that switching between transactions or trial balance will remove all transactional history.

4.Click on OK

5. Click on  Synchronise


5. If prompted, select the relevant nominal code/codes to be mapped

6. Once all codes are mapped click on OK

The following will be displayed: 




Please note: For more detail on working with mappings refer to Edit Client Mapping

Before checking the Trial Balance or Transactions, make sure the synchronisation is complete, otherwise, the following message is displayed.

7. Review the trial balance

Please note: Once the data has been synchronised, transactions within CCH Account Production cannot be edited.  Either post a journal in the bookkeeping product or an advisor journal within CCH Accounts Production to make changes to existing transactions.



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