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Overview Tab: Not connected to finsit

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The Overview Tab 


The Overview screen displays information such as:

Step 1: Bookkeeping and finsit integration – which data source the business is connected to

Step 2:  Status - the status of fetching data from the bookkeeping solution

Connection status - the business is not connected to finsit

A play button to launch Xero directly from Open Integration clipboard_ee38683d9aede7aec7c335f277e8ff6ed.png

A refresh option to re synchronise the data, this includes a full or incremental sync clipboard_e64cf8664d3de3cbd9789b848893f233a.png

A disconnect option to disconnect the data from the data source clipboard_e9b41a785854dc2cd7fc88722c04654e5.png

An option to export the transactions into MS Excel clipboard_e7d4dca590eb45770bc2ae51794d58da0.png

Note: if your practice is not licensed for finsit the Overview screen will display the following message:



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