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FAQs: Messages and Documents

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Messages & Documents
  • How does my client know when I have sent them a message via CCH OneClick?
    The client will receive an automated email advising them that they have received a message and asking them to ‘click here’ to log in securely to CCH OneClick to access the message
  • How will I know when the client sends me a message?
    Within CCH Central there is a security setting that can be turned on so that any employees who receive messages from clients are sent a notification email, similar to that sent to a client when you send them a message.  If you are logged in to CCH Central when you receive a message, a notification will pop up in the lower right corner of your screen.  And if you have any unread messages, the CCH Central icon in your task bar will appear differently to if you don’t have unread messages.
  • Can I send a message to more than one contact person within my client organisation?
    Yes. You can select the client contacts you wish to send a message to as long as those contacts are all recorded as associated contacts within Central.
  • Can I cc another employee when sending a message to a client? Yes
  • Can our junior staff create messages but be restricted from sending them until they have been approved by a senior member of the team?
    Yes.  Messages can be created by one person and sent to someone else internally for review.  Employees can also be restricted from sending messages to a client based on their task permissions.  In this case, they can still create the message but someone else would have to review and send the message.
  • Can I attach documents to a message that were not created within CCH Central?
    Yes.  From within other areas of CCH Central you can click ‘Publish to CCH OneClick’ to send a tax return to a client for example.  You can also attach documents by browsing to the appropriate location and selecting the document.
  • Can I request that the client electronically approves a document? Yes.
  • Is there a limit on the number of documents I can attach to a message? No
  • Is there a limit on the file size of a document/s I can attach to a message? Yes, maximum file size of 500MB per individual document.
  • Can I access my messages when I don’t have access to CCH Central?
    Yes.  Both clients and employees have the ability to log in to CCH OneClick via a web browser.  Employees can also use CH OneClick from within CCH Central.
  • How can I Remove Documents from CCH OneClick server storage?
    Select a Client, then from the Message Centre tab, go to the File Menu and select Documents. Then select a Document and 'Save it to a Local drive' (for Reference and/or Backup) and then 'Delete' it?  For a walkthrough of this process, click here.


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