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How does it work? Digital Data Review

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Digital Data Review is the area within your CCH OneClick workspace where you can see and review the tax data your clients have sent you digitally, along with the data that HMRC already hold on your clients' behalf in their digital tax account (DTA).

As we move into the world of digital tax, this feature will become critical to how you service your clients.


Why should I be interested?

Single place for all your clients' tax data
Digital Data Review provides a single place for you, the advisor, to view all client and HMRC data captured together with the ability to review this data and populate the tax system.

Real-Time Information
Data sent to you by your clients (using the Digital Data Request functionality within their CCH OneClick workspace) is available to view within the Digital Data Review screen in real-time.

The ability to commit reviewed data to CCH Personal Tax creates even more efficiencies by removing the need for manual data entry.


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