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CCH Software User Documentation

How does it work?

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The Activity Feed has three components:

View posts when a client activates a portal or sends a message. View posts when documents are awaiting approval or have been rejected. Get notified when clients complete a section in Digital Tax, or when a client adds a new source of income in Digital Tax.

Social media feeds
Keep up to date with your clients with continuous flows of news with live Twitter feeds as they happen.

Accountancy Daily
Accountancy Daily live News Feed has been incorporated into the Activity Feed, providing independent news, analysis and insight on the accounting profession with a strong emphasis on technical content for accountants. Accountancy Daily also provides comments and blogs from leading practitioners across the accounting profession. The core topics are Tax, accounting and audit.


The Activity feed in the Practice workspace is focused on feeding live information to the practice user. This unique tool allows you keep up to date with continuous flows of important information from your clients and news updates from CCH daily. Drop into conversation important topics of discussion provided straight from live social media feeds. With the constant need of remaining connected to your clients, the Activity Feed is the perfect tool for the job.


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