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Stage 5 of 6 - Review the recipients list

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Review the recipients list

1. The stage 5 of 6 is for you to review the recipients and other data.

   If the selected contacts and clients are a mixture of individuals and organisations and on stage 4 you selected MAIN plus other association types, the screen below will illustrate what you will visualise.

Mail Merge - email stage 5.PNG

You can export the list to Excel if you wish by clicking on Excel symbol at the top of the window.

When individuals contacts and clients are selected on stage 1 (highlighted in green above), their names will be on the Main Contact column but not on the Related Contact column.

When organisations contacts and clients are selected on stage 1 (highlighted in red above) and they have the associations selected on stage 4 (on this example 'has director of') then the associations' name  will be listed on the Related Contact column; therefore Laptops Limited has two directors, J Smith and S Smith.

On this example a letter can be generated for all individuals and directors associated with the limited companies.

Select the recipients you want to produce the letters to and click Next.






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