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How to Backup and Restore a SQL Database

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How to backup and restore databases using SQL Server Management Studio

It can be used to maintain backups of the entire database.

If you installed SQL Server Express using the installation routines provided, the required software will have been installed with the server. If you do not have Management Studio installed, you can download this for free from the Microsoft website:

Link to download for Management Studio Express for SQL 2014

Please note: you will only be able to restore the entire database from any backups created using these routines, resetting the whole checklist database to the point at which the backup was taken. You will not be able to restore individual clients or checklists.



 If you want to backup individual checklists, please use the option provided on the Client management tab in the CCH Interactive Checklist software.

The backup and restore quick guide sections guide you through the process using annotated screenshots. The in-depth sections cover the same process but provide more information about some of the options.


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