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Planning the Installation

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Planning the installation

You may either install the software locally on each computer or install it on a central file server so that authorised users can access the software from a single location. Even if you plan to install the software on a server, we recommend that you initially install it locally with a local database to familiarise yourself with the software before proceeding with the server installation.

Local installations - If you opt for a local installation, then you can have a local database to hold your data or set the system to access a network database. You can also have both a local database and a network database if you wish.
Network database - If you store your checklists in a database held on a network server, the checklists will be accessible from any computer on the network.
Local database
If you have a local database, the checklists it contains will only be accessible when you are logged onto your computer and you will be able to use the software out of the office. As indicated, you may have both a local and network database and we provide options for you to backup individual checklists that you have completed locally and restore them to your network database.
Network installation - Opting for a network installation means that you will only have to install the software once, on the network, and all users will run the software from the file server. The benefit of this is that you will have access to the software from any workstation and in future, you will only need to install software updates once. With a network installation, it would not be logical to have a local database, all users would access the data from a network server.
Both local and network installations - It is also possible to have a mixture of both network and local installations, maybe with a local installation on one or two computers that you may wish to take out of the office to use, and with other users running the software from the network.



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