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CCH Software User Documentation

Introduction, Support and Installation

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CCH Interactive Checklist (IC) is software that provides functionality to allow you to complete checklists in respect of your clients in an efficient and effective environment.

The system:

  • Allows you to manage all checklists relating to a client from a single list showing current and prior checklists.
  • Automatically tailors the checklist based on answers as you provide them, automatically removing questions that are not relevant to the client and ensuring you only have to answer relevant questions.
  • Provides alerts to answers that are potential issues.
  • Includes facilities for you to enter comments on any question with the ability to turn any comment into a note that requires clearing.
  • Provides a clean on-screen display of questions, references, comments and notes, answers provided, who answered each question and when.
  • Allows easy navigation of checklist content, including:
    • Display the full checklist or just a subsection;
    • Filters to allow the display of the data you are interested in, for example, to only show unanswered questions, notes that need clearing or questions with comments;
    • Only show questions where the answer in the current checklist is different to the previous period’s checklist.
  • Accepts answers to questions either using the keyboard or mouse.
  • Provides for the on-screen recording of checklist review.


If you are experiencing difficulty, or need assistance with using the software, please call our telephone helpline 0844 561 8167.


Please refer to the separate Quick Start Guide and Installation Instructions for guidance on planning for and installing the software.





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