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Stakeholder training and awareness

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Fairness through awareness. Repeatedly, we have said compliance is about the team. It goes further than that. An organisation depends on its staff to deliver its data protection programme. Staff must be informed of relevant policies, standards and rules – in fact, the regulation requires it. To demonstrate compliance, it’s important to have a record of these awareness and training efforts.

In the Governance section, under the internal and optional tabs, you will find policy and awareness templates you may modify or use as-is to communicate with employees. You can upload your own to the Custom documents section if the templates don’t address all your requirements. Under the Employees section, these documents can then be distributed to staff and their receipt and acceptance are recorded.


Track your training

CCH GDPR Compliance is not a learning management system, but it does contain a checklist so you can make sure you have assessed your training and awareness programme to ensure its adequacy. It does create an audit trail of your employees’ acceptance of your policies. Simply add employees and stakeholders to the system, select who you want to distribute which policies to and send them. CCH GDPR Compliance will track who has received them and whether they have read and accepted them.


Monitor the status

You can monitor the status. After recipients receive an email with a link to the policy they were sent, they can click on "I have read and accept this document." Their acceptance is recorded in CCH GDPR Compliance with a time/date stamp next to each policy.

You can download a report, but we also provide a visual report where:

  • A red star indicates they have not received it.
  • A yellow star indicates they have received it but have not read or accepted it.
  • A green star indicates they’ve received and accepted it.





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