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Viewing the Computation

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To view the computation, Select View in the top ribbon, then select Computation.

To view the computation, Select View in the top ribbon, then select Computation.


This will open a report of the computation in another tab.


The  Report Viewer's Task Bar on  the left contains a Navigator containing hyperlinks to the computation pages.

The cross references within the computation are hyperlinks which will take you to the indexed schedule or to the top of the page containing that indexed schedule.

Within the Report Viewer at the top there are a series of icons. Hovering over the icons will display their function along with any keyboard shortcuts.

 clipboard_ea4e83866560795272110b499c47be275.png (Ctrl & P) will print the computation.

 clipboard_e8e4fbfe3a9b29fc9ab2c3d1f69e5c4ed.png (Ctrl & C) will copy the computation.

 clipboard_e73de9bf99d28be0aaffed21dae9134dc.png  (Ctrl & + or -) will zoom in and out of the computation.

 clipboard_e99cb45215ced4a35d9f33ff6053ff2a1.png (Ctrl & 1) will bring the zoom view back to 100%.

clipboard_ef4e00e6cbb32713087b8cef8be4cb759.png(Ctrl & 2) will expand the page width in view to cover the tab.

clipboard_e5528771e0a9ff8d4dad8a225ba0ed669.png (Ctrl & 3) will display a whole single page and use the scroll wheel on a mouse or Navigator in the Task Bar / hyperlinked cross references to move between the pages.

clipboard_ed1eb32d4028a2d1a9202c1cdb28e1ec2.png (Ctrl & 4) will display 2 pages alongside and use the scroll wheel on a mouse or Navigator in the Task Bar and use the scroll wheel on a mouse or Navigator in the Task Bar / hyperlinked cross references to move between the move between the pages.

clipboard_e6e7e487199eb9fb33c98756b119510c4.png will export the comp to PDF.

On the Top Ribbon, Review iXBRL computation will showed the compuations iXBRL tagged values.


Items highlighted in blue are tagged. Hover over the tagged value to display the tag details.



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