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Deleting Data Entry

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The way to delete data will vary depending upon the style of data input. i.e. whether the data has been input via a: Grid or Dialogue window Some data will be protected, preventing deletion. Other data can be deleted but may carry warnings.

Deleting data from a grid

To delete data from a grid, identify the relevant source of data to be deleted, click on the arrow in the far left hand column, usually directly to the left of the data description and the entire row will be highlighted


Press the Delete key on the keyboard and select OK in the warning window

Repeat individually for each row to be deleted.

The action can be cancelled only by clicking the Cancel button in the warning window but once you have clicked OK, the action cannot be stopped.

If the data exists for more than one Accounting period, it must be deleted from either the last accounting period grid or the Period of account grid.

Deleting data from a Dialogue Box

Most dialogue boxes contain individual cells which are a mixture of:

  • Manual data entry cells and
  • Calculated fields which cannot be edited

Any manual entry fields within these dialogue boxes do not need deletion - you can Edit them by over-writing the value/text

If the dialogue box contains a grid - the rules for deletion of data are as above 'Deleting data from a grid'.


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