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Updating from CCH Accounts Production

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CCH Accounts Production Link

The Accounts production link works by pushing the information from CCH Accounts Production and pulling the information into CCH Corporation Tax. 

There is a choice to what information comes across in terms of profit.

The basic approach will bring through the profit before tax and adjust for depreciation and any profit or loss on disposal of fixed assets while populating the Turnover box on the CT600.

Alternatively you can insert a Profit and loss account which can import the profit and loss figures and underlying analysis from CCH Accounts Production and link into the Trade summary profit and allow you to link adjusting figures from the Profit and loss account's sub analysis statements. 

To manually push the Accounts Production data, within the Accounts Production period, select Tax link, Update Tax.


Click Continue.(Draft refers to Personal Tax data here.) 


And click OK


To pull the data into CCH Corporation Tax, open the Corporation Tax period and either click on the Warning in the Errors & Exceptions Panel or click on the Update from Accounts icon in the top ribbon.



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