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Deadlines and other areas

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Deadlines and other areas

A list of missed and upcoming deadlines is displayed at the top of the home page. You can also display the list of all deadlines, or a selected deadline type from the Select all | Deadlines menu item:


This will display the information in a grid format and from here you can select a printable view.

Other areas

This guide covers the basic features of CCH Company Secretarial; the application also provides the following:


Menu options

Dividend records and dividend voucher generation

Company | Dividends


Register of debentures

Company | Debentures

Register of mortgages and charges

Company | Mortgages & Charges


Register of executions and sealings

Company | Executions & Sealings

Resolve duplicate entries where a person has been recorded twice

Persons | Resolve duplicate people

Interrogate Companies House for company history

Company | History


Officer, company name and other searches on Companies House

Companies Hse | Company info (Webcheck)





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