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CCH Central Suite Update (CSI)

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CCH Central Suite Installer (CSI) - Latest version

The Central Suite Installer (CSI) has been updated to install the Latest releases (including all current Service Packs and Hotfixes) 

PLEASE NOTE: This release also includes compatibility updates to a number of CCH applications and services which means that there are no functional changes or fixes to these applications. They are automatically updated, so from a version perspective they are in line with this each new release.

Note: Full details of the latest releases (below) are available in their respective Release Notes available (on UserDocs)

  • CCH Central 2024.1
  • CCH Accounts Production 2024.1
  • CCH Personal Tax 2024.1
  • CCH CGT & Dividend Scheduling 2022.3 SP2
  • CCH Corporation Tax 2024.1
  • CCH Audit Automation 2024.1
  • CCH CRM 2021.2
  • CCH Document Management 2024.1
  • CCH Practice Management 2024.1
  • CCH Fixed Asset Register 2021.2
  • CCH OneClick 2024.1
  • CCH iXBRL Review & Tag 2024.1
  • CCH Company Secretarial 2024.1
  • CCH Workflow 2024.1
  • CCH Working Papers 2022.3
  • CCH Scan 2022.3

Click here to visit the latest CCH Central Suite releases: Release Notes >

  • Central Prerequisites: The CSI will support updates from the CCH Central Suite 2023.1. If you have an earlier version of the CCH Central Suite Installed, please contact CCH Software Support before proceeding with this update. If you are outside of the twelve month supported update window then a managed update will be required and this will be serviced when purchased and scheduled as an additional service with our Professional Services Team.
  • Microsoft Prerequisites: The CSI, requires the following Microsoft components to be present:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 – for further information click here
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
  • Windows Imaging component
  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 6 Desktop Runtime and ASP.NET Core 6.0 Runtime (CCH iFirm AML only)

Note: if these prerequisite components are not present then the CSI will present an option to install them before proceeding with the update except in cases where you are require the Microsoft .NET 6 Desktop Runtime and ASP.NET Core 6.0 Runtime to facilitate the functionality of the CCH iFirm AML module. If you do require the installation of the .NET 6 Runtimes on all client devices then this can be installed via the CSI Tools page or installed from the Microsoft DotNet 6.0 download page. Future CCH Central suite modules and/or components may require later versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework as newer versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework from .NET Core 3 onwards follow an updated servicing lifecycle and are supported for 18 months only.

Before proceeding with the installation, please ensure that the Update Guide has been read and understood by the person performing the update.

Central Suite Installer (CSI) 2024.1 and above Update Guide

Before proceeding with the Installation, please also ensure that:

  • The environment for the installation meets the requirements of the CCH Central Suite. Click here
  • A backup of the software application directory has been taken and is accessible.
  • A backup of the Central Database has been taken and where applicable, the currently active Document Database has also been backed up during the same time.
  • The release notes have been made available to users of the CCH Central Suite of products.
  • The rollback process is understood and documented via a Run Book process and has been tested and is fully understood by your IT Team.

IMPORTANT: If you use CCH Accounts Production and your regional settings are configured to use US date time format (mm/dd/yyyy), please DO NOT install this release. Contact CCH Support before proceeding.

Our CCH Software Support team can help you with any specific queries or problems that you may encounter whilst updating your software, however, we are not able to talk you through the complete process or assist in rolling back the system if you experience an update failure. If you require assistance, we offer an update service at an additional cost (this must be booked in advance). For further information, please contact Software Support.




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