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GDPR for CCH Document Management

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The client and contact files that are held in CCH Document Management can be marked as GDPR documents. A new Document Type, called GDPR Collection, that is using the new Document System Type with the same name, has been added in the Document Types screen.

The GDPR Collection Document Type is by default associated with the Client Filing library within the Libraries and Types screen.

GDPR - document centre screen.PNG

The existing Create PDF Collection option from the Document Centre tab within Client and Contact screen has been renamed to Create PDF.

GDPR - document centre - create PDF.PNG

The functionality of the Create PDF option has been extended so that users can either choose to create a PDF collection or a GDPR collection:

To create a GDPR collection in CCH Document Management:

  1. Open a client or a contact and select the Document Centre tab.
  2. Select the documents that will be converted in a PDF file with the Document Type: GDPR Collection.
  3. Click on the Create PDF button from the Send To section within the Document Centre tab on the Ribbon.
  4. From the Create PDF dialog, select GDPR Collection:

GDPR - document centre - create PDF dialog.PNG

5. Click OK.

6. The document is successfully converted to PDF and uploaded to Document Centre.

GDPR - document centre - document converted.PNG

7. Click OK.

The GDPR collection file has been successfully uploaded in Document Centre with the Document Type: GDPR Collection.


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