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Prerequisites for generating the Personal Data files

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A new option, called GDPR Path, has been added in the Mailing Settings screen, so that users that do not have CCH Document Management installed can set the path to the folder where the generated files are saved.

If CCH Document Management is installed, the Personal Data files are temporally saved in the GDPR folder until they are uploaded in Document Centre.

GDPR - mailing settings.PNG

To set the GDPR Path:

  1.  Go to File > Maintenance > Documents > Mailing Settings.
  2.  Click on the ellipsis button, bttn_ellipsis.gif, from the GDPR Path. The Browse for Folder dialog is displayed, select an existing folder or create a new folder where the GDPR files with the personal data will be saved.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the GDPR Path field is now displayed the path to the selected folder.
  5. Click OK to close the Mailing Settings screen.
  6. Select File > Log Off
  7. Login again into CCH Central, so that the changes made in the Mailing Settings screen to take effect.

Template for Central Personal Data PDF file

Within the Central Deploy > Templates folder a default template has been supplied to enable practices the ability to generate their clients Centrals’ Personal data when using the PDF option within either Contacts or Clients.

The template is required to be copied from the Deploy > Templates folder to the Practices’ network share as set within Central > File> Maintenance> Documents > Mailing Settings > Templates Path.

Where the template has not been copied to the Practice location (as advised within Mailing settings > Templates Path) the generation of the PDF file fails, and the following tooltip message is returned:

GDPR - error when GDPR template not under templates.PNG

The template consists the common Personal Data fields like name, addresses, phone details, associations, etc.

The list of the merge fields that CCH Central deems as Personal Data is displayed in the Appendix section: GDPR – Merge fields available for Personal Data templates.

Where practices may want to amend or create templates for PDF generation, the customisations are required to be performed within the standard Mail Merge Wizard, using the new GDPR-Personal Data query.

To learn how to create or edit a template using fields from a query in Mail Merge Wizard, please refer to the Mail Merge section.


The GDPR Personal Data query only contains field from Central.  Personal Tax and Accounts Production where present will produce a separate PDF/XML document.




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