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Personal Data option for Extra Fields and Association Types

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CH Central offers practices the ability to mark as Personal Data the extra fields and association types which they consider personal information.

Personal Data, has been added in the Extra Fields screen, allowing users the ability to set which Extra Fields and Category Extra Fields are personal data.

An icon has been added to the Extra Fields grid within the Extra tab from the Client and Contact screen and also in the Add New Client or Contact Wizard, to identify the extra fields that were set as Personal Data in the Extra Fields screen.

GDPR - personal data.PNG

Users can set the association types as Personal Data within File> Maintenance> Internal > Association Types screen.

GDPR - personal data ass types.PNG

The Personal Data icon is displayed in the Associated tab within Client and Contact screen and Add New Client or Contact Wizard for the relationships that are set as Personal Data in the Association Types screen:

GDPR - personal data ass tab.PNG




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