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Setting up Online Filing credentials

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Online filing credentials are required to allow you to electronically send your corporation tax return submissions to HMRC using.CCH Corporation Tax.  This topic elaborates on the types of credentials.

For Corporation Tax - where to enter the filing credentials

There are two areas within CCH Central where you can enter the Corporation Tax online filing credentials:

In the Employee records

  • In the Employee record, under Main tab, on the Task Bart, click View credentials Online Filing.
  • Enter the login details attributable to a specific employee.


File > Maintenance > Internal > Online Filing Credentials

  • Enter the login details when it applies to the practice as a whole,or for a specific Company, Office or Department.


Types of credentials and priority order

The online filing credentials used to submit a corporation tax return is based on the following priority order:

  • Employee’s credentials

  • Company, Office, or Department credentials

  • Practice or business level credentials

It is necessary to create a set of online filing credentials for your firm in order to file corporation tax returns online.


Add login details for an individual employee

  1. On the tool bar, click Employees.
  2. In the Find Employee window, in the Search for field, enter the search criteria for the employee and then click Search.
  3. In the list of search results, double-click or press [Enter] on the employee record you would like to work on.
  4. On the Task Bar, click the View credentials Online Filing icon.
  5. Enter the agent credentials attributable to this employee then click OK to save the information.

Central - Maintenance - Internal - Setting up online filing credentials - Employee records.PNG

Add login details by organisation type

  1. From the main menu select File > Maintenance > Internal > Online Filing Credentials.
  2. Under the grid Online Filing Credentials selected by, select None.
  3. Enter your agent credentials at the top of the grid (blue highlights on the screen shot below). This means that these credentials will be used for all Corporation Tax returns:
  • User ID

  • Password

  • E-Mail address

 4. Alternatively, select the other options under Online Filing Credentials selected by.Those options allow you to file by a specific area within your organisation:

  • Company

  • Office

  • Department

     The tab then displays the details associated with the selected option and what details will be used (red highlights on the screen shot below).

 5.Click in a row where you wish to enter the Online Filing credentials for the selected option and enter:

  • User ID

  • Password

  • E-Mail address

 6.Click Buttom OK.PNG to save the information.

Central - Maintenance - Internal - Setting up online filing credentials - Maintenance area.PNG



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