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Maintenance area sub menus

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Accessing the maintenance area

Under the main menu click File > Maintenance which is where you find the sub menus to configure and maintain the system to best fit how your practice works.

Central - Maintenance area.PNG

Under the Maintenance area, many sub menus appear; there are few icons (tiles) under each respective submenu heading.

  • To view the icons of a submenu, select the sub menu (on the example above Address/Phone) and then select the icon which appears on the right, Address Type or Phone number and Email address.

  • Due to extensiveness of the Maintenance area the Search To locate an option under File, use the Search box. Even as you type the search criteria, the window dynamically updates to display icons that match your criteria. You can enter part or all of the word. You do not need to click a button or press the [Enter] key.

  • Click in any of the options, for example, Address Type, and its tab will be opened on the content area of CCH Central screen as below:

Central - Maintenance - Address type screen tab.PNG


The access to the Maintenance area is dependent on the security group the user is allocated to.


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