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Editing contact or client address details

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You can edit address, phone and other details in the Addresses tab of the Contact or Client page.  Any changes you make flow through to all contacts and clients linked to the address.

Edit an address, phone and other details

  1. Open the Contact or Client page for the contact and click the Addresses tab.

  2. To edit Phone and Other Details, click the row you want to edit.

  3. Click the Description to select from the list.

  4. Edit the Details by over-typing existing text in the field.

  5. To edit the email address, tab to or [Control] + right-click the email address to highlight it, then over-type the new details. (Note that left clicking the email link will open the email window for you to create a message.)

  6. To edit an address, double-click the address type you want to edit or click Add/Maintain on the Task Bar.

  7. If the address you want to change is displayed, edit it and then click OK to go back to the Addresses tab. Otherwise, search for the address by entering search criteria in the Find a field and which starts with a  field. It does not have to be an address related to the currently selected contact. Then click Search.

  8. On the list of results, click the field you want to edit and over-type the details.

  9. Click OK to save the changes and return to the Addresses tab of the Contact or Client page.


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