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Primary and Non-Primary Addresses

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Primary and Non-primary 

Addresses are divided into two types:

  • Primary

  • Non Primary.

By default, the primary address is the one that is most commonly used by your practice for the contact's mailing purposes. The system administrator can add new address types and nominate which of these are to be considered the primary details. The primary details flow through to the Main tab for a contact or client. Examples of address types your practice may use are:

  • Main (Primary)
  • Home

  • Billing

  • Business

  • Registered.

Each address type can be attached to a client or contact only once. Where more than one type of address is required (for example, two home addresses), two separate address types must be created within CCH Central. In this situation there may be a ‘HOME1’ and ‘HOME2’ address type.

When generating a bill for the client you can choose an alternative billing address to include on the invoice by selecting the required address from the A/Type list box on the Bill Address window (or in the Stage 4 window if using the Billing Wizard). This list will contain all the address types that have been defined for the selected client.


New address types and Other Details types are created by the system administrator in the following area: Maintenance>System>Address/Phone>Address Type...and Phone/Email Types... before they can be accessed from within the Detail tab. An address type can only be used once per client.


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