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Draft Clients - Include all Assignment Templates

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Draft Clients: How to include all Assignment Templates

Within this release a new configuration key has been added to allow practices to choose if they want all Assignment Templates to be available on Draft Clients when adding assignments within the Client > Assignments Tab. Historically only non-chargeable assignments were available for selection on Draft Clients (only if the non-chargeable Assignment Type was checked for both External and Included Time).

You will be able to complete this setup by going to File > Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration


Type 'draftclient' in the 'Search name' field:


In this screen shot (above), it is set up at '1', but it  is automatically created with the default value of '0' upon upgrade.

  Key Value Comments
DraftClientShowAllAssignments 0 No changes, only non-chargeable templates are displayed on Draft Clients when trying to add new assignments
DraftClientShowAllAssignments 1 Chargeable and Non-chargeable Assignment Templates are displayed on Draft Clients when trying to add new assignments

Note: The Key Value being set to 0 or not present, results in no change to current behaviour. Log out of CCH Central once the KeyValue has been updated. And log on back.


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