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In situations where the system has not calculated an Equalisation Payment correctly then the Equalisations window can be used to override the relevant payment. However if the equalisation payment is completely missing then the Sundries screen must be used (see Note below).


Equalisation Window Option

 This Equalisation window can also be used to overwrite equalisation payments generated by the system.

The  window contains the following options:



Security Code

Enter the Code for the Security in question.

If you are unaware of the Code then this can easily be established by invoking the Security Code Lookup Facility To do this simply position your cursor within the Security Code field and then either double click or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

Ex Div Date

Enter the Ex Dividend date as shown on the Dividend Schedule.

Equalisation Payment

Enter the amount of equalisation payment as shown on the dividend voucher.

Deduct Cost from Parent

Select this check box if you want the equalisation payment deducted from the cost of the parent holding. Do not select this check box if you have entered the acquisition cost of the parent net of the equalisation payment.


  • The above procedure works if you are overriding a system-generated equalisation payment, but to create a new equalisation payment then the Sundries screen should be used with the fields completed as follows: 
    • Holding is 0.00
    • Cost is the amount of equalisation. It should be negative to reduce the cost ofthe holding.
    • Tranche is Newpool
    • Date is the date the equalisation was received.
    • Details is "EQUALISATION"


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