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Tailoring Questions

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This section describes how to manage Tailoring Questions

Tailoring questions allow you to answer the questions which advise the system about various matters relating to the client. Select [Tailoring questions] from the Reference menu and a window will be displayed listing up to 99 areas with up to 99 questions in each.

The questions are answered [Yes] or [No] and provide information which will enable CCH Audit Automation to customise the audit programme, and working papers, based on the answers given.


The list of areas is displayed in the top grid and the questions relating to the selected are in the lower grid. Selecting an area in the top grid, either by scrolling the list using the scroll bar, or clicking on an area name when it is displayed, will cause the questions relating to the area to be displayed.

The answer defaults to [No].

To change the answer to a question, either double click on it, or highlight it and click on the [Yes] or [No] buttons and the answer will be inserted and the highlight will be moved to the next question. Alternatively, you double-click on a question to toggle the answer between Yes and No, or click on the [Answers] button to displays a dialog showing the full question and radio buttons for Yes and No.

When you have finished answering the questions, close the window and you will be returned to the Planning options dialog.

The [Guidance] button offers a brief explanation of how the tailoring questions work and a guide on how to answer them.



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