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Key Accounting Estimates

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When working with key accounting estimates (KAE), this functionality allows for the creation of KAE at the planning stage with the audit programs flowing through to the current audit file . 

Useful Information! Previously, when adding multiple key accounting estimates to the audit file, there was no simple method of doing this without copying audit areas and templates.

Key accounting estimates database

With IPCAS Master Pack:


With Mercia master pack:


A new area has been created to record details of key accounting estimates. This area works in the same way as the updates to the identified risks screen with regards to assessing the key accounting estimates at the assertion level. 


Key accounting estimate work programs

To create the audit tests, select the work programme button and then select the pool button from the following dialogue. If key accounting estimate tests have been created at the master pack level, they will flow through to this screen for selection. If no tests have been defined the add button can be used to create the relevant tests. When working in the current audit file the key accounting estimate tests will be included in the combined audit program. When the review mode option is selected the key accounting estimate tests will appear in their own work program.

Key accounting estimates list

Once you have created some key accounting estimates, you can check them in a list by double clicking on the Key Accounting estimates database in the left panel of CCH Audit Automation screen:


Key accounting estimates in current audit file

When viewing the audit file with review mode selected, the key accounting estimate tests will appear in a new audit program called Key accounting estimates (see screenshot below).

When viewing the current audit file with review mode off the key accounting estimates tests will appear in the combined audit file.


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