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Estimate Current Year's TB

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The facility is provided to enable you to estimate the current years figures based on the preceding years trial balance. After balancing forward, the TB will be reset to nil and you may run this routine to produce a calculated TB if no figures are available.

To recalculate the trial balance at any time, select [Estimate TB] from the Utilities menu and the system will ask you to confirm that you wish to replace the current TB. If you confirm that you do, it will proceed as set out below, otherwise it will return to the Pack window.

On confirming your wish, the Estimate TB - factor dialog will be displayed.


Estimate TB - factor dialog

If you wish to use last years figures as an estimate, enter 100 and this will be taken as an instruction to do this. However, if you would like to enter an inflationary uplift to the figures, or take account of the known reduction in activity, enter the appropriate % by which the figures should be multiplied by to produce the estimates, and click on [OK].

The system will carry out the calculations and display a progress report as it proceeds. After updating the figures, it will return to the Pack window.


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