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Document Opening Speed

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Document Opening Speed

Documents can be slow to respond when opening due to the way that hyperlinks are handled by the software so that they work correctly when different users open the document. The current process opens the document twice, the first time silently in the background to check for hyperlinks, it then closed and opens a second time and made available to the user.

We have implemented a new option that will allow the user to tell the software that they do not use hyperlinks when opening documents. This will now allow the document to open without opening to check for hyperlinks first or display the various warning boxes for hyperlinks, therefore opening the document only once. This will mean that if hyperlinks do exist on the file, they will not be updated for the different users that work on the file and will not work. This can be toggled on or off at the user level by the Use office hyperlinks checkbox on the system interface options screen:


The default following installation is that the checkbox will be ticked to retain current functionality.

For users that do make use of hyperlinks we have provided an addon for Excel that when installed will mean that the software will not download hyperlinked documents at the point of opening them. Instead, the addon can be used to control this process once the document is open.


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