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This section describes how to add reminders on CCH Audit Automation.

Audit reminders are linked to audit areas and are intended to allow the planner to record matters that require special attention, or instructions to the staff completing the audit. In addition to having the original reminder, the system offers the facility for the person who raised it to indicate if the reminder should “pop-up” when a user selects an audit programme to customise and/or to complete. A comment box is also included so that staff can indicate the way in which the concern or instructions have been addressed or followed.

This can be found at the Reference menu under [Reminders]

A [Reminders] button appears in the following dialogs:

  • Specific risk question list
  • Control risk question list
  • Control risk user entered reliance
  • Non-sampling detection user entered reliance
  • Sample size summary
  • Checklist completion
  • Customise programme
  • Audit programme completion

When the dialog is displayed, the wording of the reminder button will be shown in red if there are reminders for the area. For the last two dialogs listed, it will be red if there are reminders set to pop-up for the mode of access.

When the button is clicked, the system will display a list of current reminders for the area:


If this is accessed from a planning dialog, the system will show all reminders for the area irrespective of the destination of the reminder, customisation or completion, or neither. You can show the reminders for all areas by clicking on the Show all areas checkbox.

To add a new reminder, click on [Add a reminder]. The Area reminder dialog will be displayed.


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