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Restricting access to clients using CCH Central

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This covers how to restrict user access to clients using CCH Central.

Restricting access to clients using CCH Central

It is possible to restrict user access to audit clients via CCH Central as follows:

  • In the Maintenance section off the file drop down menu select Security > Data Security.  Under the client heading ensure the company checkbox is ticked - office or department could also be used.  Please note once company is ticked it means that users will only be able to view clients linked to that company if they are also linked to that company in their user record unless they have been set up as a team member for the client (see below).


  • Create a virtual company (e.g. named Third Party)
  • Create an Employee record (e.g. Clive Berry) and ensure they have access to CCH Audit Automation at the appropriate level (e.g. Audit partner)
  • In the Employee record select Third Party in the company field 


  • For those clients you want the user to access add to the client Team in the Responsibility tab and click the Allowed checkbox (do not tick Apply Team Security checkbox) or select the same company in the client record that the user is linked to.  If the Allowed column does not display close and relaunch Central.


  • In CCH Audit Automation, go to System options in the ribbon  System Settings.PNG  and click the Apply Central data security checkbox (last option bottom left) 

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