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Module 12 - Moving to Next Year (Mercia)

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Balance Forward

Select Balance Forward from the Utilities drop down menu. When in any client, there is a drop down available at the top left of the screen with a date. From this drop down, you can move between different years for the client selected.

Changing Master packs

If the client needs to change master packs (e.g. if CCH have issued a new master pack) this should not be done while the audit is in progress.  Therefore, it would normally be done before the audit starts immediately after the balance forward. 

To change master pack, open the client control data, via the file / control menu, click in Master pack code and pick the new master pack.  The client will then be linked to this new pack.


Update audit test exclusion

This is selected from the Planning menu within a client.

Initialisation of audit programmes only done in first year – creates program based on TB, tailoring questions etc.

In subsequent years, and when any changes are made that could change the automated customisation of programmes, run Update audit test exclusion – this reviews the existing programme considering tests for inclusion based on current circumstances (e.g. it will consider how tailoring questions are currently answered). The system will also offer to run this routine when you make changes that could have an impact on the contents of audit programs.

Update audit test exclusion and checklist exclusion should therefore be run at beginning of year (after importing TB and answering tailoring questions) if you request the system not to run this when offered after making these changes.  They can also be run at any time during the planning stage to ensure changes that effect audit programmes have taken place. 

Working papers brought forward

Any documents requested to be brought forward will appear in the documents index in red in the new year indicating that they have not yet been accessed in the new year.  As soon as a document is accessed it will turn blue.


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