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FormatPrints and NotesPrint command

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The FormatPrints and NotesPrint commands are used on the Contents page to check if a page should be included


There were two scenarios where these commands might be used:

  • Forcing pages to print or be excluded. Sometimes users force a page to print using the options right-click > Include in Print or Exclude From Print. If this is done there was previously no way of automatically updating the Contents page and it had to be edited manually. For this situation a FormatPrints command was added, although CCH has not yet used it throughout their masterpacks.
  • Unincorporated accounts. Some sets of Unincorporated accounts include no notes to the accounts. But there was no way of automatically updating the Contents page if no notes were present. For this situation, a NotesPrint command was added.

FormatPrints – Check if a page will print

The syntax for this command is: FormatPrints,FormatCode

It returns -1 if the page will print, or 0 if not. For instance,

=AP("If FormatPrints,PageSOFP=0 Then RS Else `Print` Endif")

NotesPrint – Check if there are any Notes to the Accounts

The syntax for this command is simply: NotesPrint

For instance,

=AP("If NotesPrint=0 Then RS Else `Print` Endif")




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