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Mixing AP and Excel commands

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Mixing the AP() function and Excel functions

The AP() function can be mixed with Excel functions. An example is the following:

="Page "&IF(AP("PageTitleN,pagesched"),AP("pageend,pagesched"), AP("lastnotepage"))

The parts of this formula are as follows :

Part of formula Meaning
"Page "& The Excel syntax for the text "Page", and an ampersand to join it to another piece of text
IF(..) The Excel IF() function, e.g. =IF(A1>A2,"A1 is bigger!","A1 is not bigger!"). See the documentation on Excel. (Note that you can also do an IF test inside an AP() command but this uses a different syntax.)
AP("PageTitleN,pagesched") This is an AP function to check whether the Print Condition for page pagesched is true.
AP("pageend,pagesched"), AP("lastnotepage") AP commands to pick up the last page number of page pagesched and the last note page number.

So putting it all together, this formula shows "Page xxx" where xxx is the last page number of page pagesched if its print condition is true, otherwise xxx is the last page number of the notes.


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