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Statutory Auditor

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This area allows you to maintain the senior statutory auditor(s) available to be selected within the individual entity(ies)

File > Maintenance > Accounts > Statutory Auditor

The senior statutory auditor(s) will have been created as a Contact (a contact may be a Contact, a Client or an Employee) in CCH Central to be available to be selected here.

  • Click into the input row under the Name column and then click on the ellipis button to bring up the Find Contacts search box.
  • Enter the name of the senior statutory auditor, click on the Search button, select the person and click OK.
  • Repeat if a second senior statutory auditor is to be added, repeat as many times as necessary.


  • If the name on the contact record is not that to be reflected in the Accounts e.g. letters are to be added or a title is to be omitted, then use the Name Override field within this screen.
  • If the person ceases to be a senior statutory auditor, then tick the box in the "Do Not Use" column.

The senior statutory auditor will be selected at the client level within the Statutory database for the Client

> Auditors' report folder > Senior statutory auditor 

> Click on the ellipis button to bring up the Statutory Auditor searchbox, enter the name, select and click OK




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