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Default Terminology in CCH Accounts Production

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The option to choose between Companies Act and IFRS terminology is an option for certain entities.

Default terminology for entities within CCH Accounts Production

To view navigate to: File > Maintenance > Accounts > Compliance Terminology

The shipped default is "Companies Act" for the following entities:

The shipped default is "IFRS" for the following entities:

  • Limited (FRS102)
  • Limited (FRS105)
  • Consolidation (FRS102)
  • LLP (FRS102)
  • LLP (FRS105)
  • Charity (FRS102)
  • Unincorporated
  • Limited (IFRS)
  • Consolidation (IFRS)

Compliance Terminology is not applicable to the following entities:

  • UK Academy
  • UK Pension Fund 
  • Medical 

Changing the default terminology at the Master level

To change the default for an entity first navigate to: File > Maintenance > Accounts > Compliance Terminology

Select the Entity and Master Pack, the master pack does not need to be in a draft state.

Use the radio button to change the Terminology setting: options are Companies Act, IFRS and Companies Act except for primary header.


Changing the default terminology at the Client level

This will be done within a client's statutory database and will only affect that client.  To do this go to the General Folder > Client Preferences and Compliance Terminology.

Select the terminology to be used for the client.  This will remain in force until changed at the client level in future, if required.  A master change will not override this choice.



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