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CCH Software User Documentation

Export: exporting a trial balance or transactions

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You can export trial balances or transactions by selecting Export from the CCH Accounts Production task bar.

Exporting a trial balance or transactions

Select Export from the Task Bar to the left of the screen.


  1. Export Type select either Trial Balance or Transactions. 
  2. Structure Name select from the drop down list for a trial balance you may export up to 5-years of data; for transactions select Transaction Listing being the current year. 
  3. Save File to Path click on the ellipsis ... to browse to the path where the file is to be saved and enter the name to be used. 
  4. Click the [Export] button to the right of the screen to export the data.


Print generates a formatted report of the trial balance(s) or transactions which may then be printed or exported to Excel, PDF, Html or Email.

Export allows you to export the trial balance(s) or list of transactions displayed to Excel.

Export for Support creates a file which may then be sent to CCH Software Support.