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CCH OneClick - Known Issues



CCH OneClick - Known Issues

Last update: 11 July 2023

Date Raised ITS / Workitem Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
19/06/2023 67720 Hyperlinks within Messages are not accessible/do not open from the CCH OneClick website

Either- right-click the hyperlink and select one of the browser's options to open the link, or copy and paste the hyperlink into a new browser tab.

05/06/2023 67697 The CCH OneClick Document Tile list a number of New documents, but when accessing the New folder, nothing is listed

After accessing the Document Tile, to list all folders, the new Documents are accessible and marked as "New" within their related upload folders. Once they download the new documents, the count will decrease, and the New folder section will disappear when the count is 0.

27/03/2023 66623 Non Activated Contacts appear unticked in the Approval / eSign details dropdown after the message has been saved as draft. None, this causes no functional loss.  The selected contact is still listed in the Approval / eSign details cell, and it requested to approve or eSign the document on send. TBC
16/06/2023 66610 Filename of over 90 characters are truncated and the . is replaced with \ preventing the file from being opened

Requested Client to re-upload the file with file name shorter than 90 characters.

Or after downloading the file, replace the \ at the end of the file name with a .


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