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FAQS about Open Integration
What bookkeeping solutions can I connect to within Open Integration?

We currently connect to the following bookkeeping providers using Application programming interface technology (API's):

  • Twinfield
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • Exact
  • Sage Business Cloud
  • Freeagent

Further providers will be added in the future

We have connected a business within Open Integration to Xero, but the synchronisation failed with service status showing fail and an error message "Accounts with no code"?

Within Xero, ensure that all nominal descriptions include a code.

Where is the CCH mapping held for a client?

Within CCH Central, open File > Maintenance > Accounts > Import/Export Definition > Nominal Mappings. Select the edit client mapping option. The client mappings are located next to the mapping name.

Does the mapping screen in OI affect CCH Accounts Production?

The mappings tab within Open Integration is used to display the financial categories that populate the data within finsit.  These categories will also be used to populate MTD Quarterly reporting for income tax when this becomes mandatory. If you wish to synchronise data from Open Integration to CCH Accounts Production, the mappings used for this are stored within CCH Accounts Production and can be accessed via File > Maintenance > Accounts > Import/Export Definition > Nominal Mappings.

Can we use a customised mapping for Xero etc?

It is possible to set up a customised mapping, this is done on a Client by Client basis during the synchronisation process of Open Integration to CCH Accounts Production. In a future release, we intend to allow you to configure a Practice Mapping file to be used by default instead of the CCH Master Mapping file.

We have enabled the integration connection for a client, but we don't want to use Open integration for now and would like to use the old import method within CCH Accounts Production, "from software", but the option to preview is greyed out?

In Open Integration, open the business and from the Setup tab, click the disconnect button then you will be able to use the old method.

How do I disconnect a client from Open Integration?

Within the Business record, select the Setup tab and click on the disconnect button.

Do we need to activate a client for CCH OneClick in order to use Open Integration?

'No', but if you want to collaborate with the Client, for example, sending them the accounts for approval, then 'Yes' you would need to.

How often does the synchronisation between Open Integration and my bookkeeping software occur?

The data is synchronised automatically every night, retrieving any new transactions input since the previous sync, and any existing transactions that were amended since the previous sync.

My client's status is showing as Active in Open integration, so why is the 'Sync with Open Integration' option greyed out in CCH Accounts Production?

Please ensure that the CCH Practice Portal Service is running. From your Server where CCH Central is installed, click Start > Services and look at the list for CCH Practice Portal Service. Start this service if it is not already running.

Can I map more than one Xero code to a CCH Accounts Production nominal code?

Multiple Xero codes can be mapped to 1 CCH Accounts Production code.

Why do I see an error when trying to post a transaction to Xero using the automated nightly sync? The request failed in Xero with this error 'the document date cannot be before the period lock date, currently set at 31-Jul-20YY'.

You should remove the lock date in Xero and try the manual sync (or wait for the next automated nightly sync).

Is anything being done to deal with Sage 50 clients when bringing their data into CCH OneClick?

We will be releasing the integration for Sage 50 shortly.

Do restrictions exist (Is there a limit) on the amount of data that you can pull through the Xero API (e.g 5000 transactions)?

Yes, however, this is not a daily limit but a 'one API call limit'. This is achieved by having separate API calls, 1 second apart.

If we have 70k clients all synching simultaneously, can our database handle this load? also, can Bookkeeping solutions API's handle this load?

This shouldn't be a problem as the nightly sync works on a queuing system and Xero's API is handling 10 million requests per day. Also, the client can't conduct a manual sync, only the Advisor and they can't do this in bulk, it is on a per-client basis.

With a new sync - do we just add new transactions on a nightly basis or do we pull the first list each time?

Only the new transactions are brought through.

Are any warnings or alerts around unmapped Nominals provided?

The Overview screen highlights any unmapped codes. 



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