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Add New Supplier Wizard - Step 4

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The window has two blocks: enter the title and date of the note in the top block, and enter the note in the lower block.

  1. Click the top row of the Title column and enter a title for the note. The current date is displayed by default in the Date field.


You must enter a title for the note before entering the note.

  1. Modify the date if required and press the [Enter] key. The title and date just entered move to the second row and a new row appears at the top of the block. However, the cursor remains in the top row.

  2. To enter the note, first select the note title in the top block. The Notes box for the selected title is displayed in the lower block along with the title and date.

  3. Enter the note.
    Use the formatting icons to apply rich text styles such as bold and italic to the text in the Notes box, or to change fonts, etc. An automatic spell check is performed on the text and errors, if any, are underlined in red. Right-click an underlined word to display the suggested corrections. Click a suggested word to replace the incorrect word.
    Alternatively, click the File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../040_Add+New+Supplier+Wizard+-+Step+4/spellcheck_icon.gif icon to launch the spellchecker and run it through the note.


You can change the date of the note in the lower block.

  1. To enter additional notes, repeat steps 1 - 4.

  2. Click Next.
    The Step 5 window appears. This is where you enter details of contacts associated with the supplier.

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