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Add New Supplier Wizard - Step 1

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  1. Select the relevant radio button to indicate whether the new Supplier is a Person or an Organisation.
    The fields in the window update to reflect this selection.

  2. Enter the name and code details for the supplier and then select the relevant partner, Department, Office and Company.

    Title: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Lord, etc.

    First, Middle and Last names: These fields are available only if the supplier is a person.

    Suffix: This field is displayed only for persons. Suffixes such as knighthoods and orders (KBE, MBE, etc.) can be entered here.

    Pre Name and Main Name: These fields are displayed for organisations only. Use the Pre-Name field if the organisation's name starts with 'A' or 'The'.  Enter the main part of the name in the Main Name field. As searches are based on the main name, when results are displayed you will see suppliers listed in alphabetical order instead of seeing them all listed under 'T'.

    Salutation: Any other name that the person is normally known by or prefers.

    Mailing Name: Name used for mailing purposes, alternative to the full name or salutation. If you do not enter a mailing name, the supplier's full name will be used.

    Initials: Enter the supplier's initials if required.

    Aliases : Select an alias Type from the drop-down list, then click in the Name field and enter the alias. Press [Enter] to save the alias.

Note: it introduces a piece of information that the user will find useful - e.g. because it saves time - or something it would be easy to overlook. It's not as strong as a Warning. ConsideFor more information on Aliases, see How to add a supplier alias.

The Code is mandatory and must be unique.

  1. Specify the gender and enter the date of birth if the client is a person.

  2. Click Next.
    The Step 2 window appears. This is where you enter Extra information.


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