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Create a Share Scheme

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Step 1 of 2

A wizard guides you through the share scheme creation process.

  1. Open the Share Schemes section.

  2. Select Click here to create a new share scheme. 
    The create a new share scheme wizard appears.


 3. Complete the following:

  •   Share scheme type - Select the type of share issued by the company.
  •   Company name - Enter the name of the company issuing the shares.
  •   Class of security - Select the share class.

Note: You can add additional classes to the Class of Security pull-down using Common Tax Descriptions.

  1. Click Next. The Select the nature of the event step appears.

  2. From the Share option event type pull-down select one of the following:

  •   Exercise options
  •   Cancellation or release
  1. Click Next. The Create share scheme summary appears.

  2. Verify that you have entered the correct details and then click Finish.



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